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I’m offering a full scholarship to a Writers Digest workshop.

I’ve just signed with a literary agent — again. First time around was pretty disappointing. This time, though, signing with Amy Collins of Talcott Notch Literary, it already feels very much like entering the dynamic, collaborative business relationship it’s supposed to be. We’re taking action, and I’m elated at the possibilities ahead.

I first made contact with Amy in March through a four-day workshop put on by Writers Digest University, called “First 10 Pages Bootcamp”, where she was one of the instructors.

The workshop, which costs $200 US, seemed to be the next step in my seemingly endless agent querying efforts — after all, if I’d queried dozens and dozens and dozens of agents with my first pages and no one had shown real interest, I had to find out if there was something in those pages that triggered consistent rejection. I figured I should find out from an actual agent what the problem might be. Turns out Amy liked my first pages enough to ask for more after the workshop concluded.

So now I’m celebrating my good fortune by offering a full scholarship to the next Bootcamp workshop which begins on August 18th. On August 11 someone-not-me will draw an email address at random from the list of subscribers to my website.

If your name is chosen, you may not get a contract for representation out of attending, but at very least you’ll get some expert help getting your first ten pages stronger for another round of querying. I figure we each deserve all the help we can get!

If you’re interested in entering the draw, just subscribe to my newsletter. Whatever you decide, I wish you satisfying success in your writing work!